Specialty Dishes

Specialty Dishes

Classic Jerk Chicken
Marinated in our Authentic Spices
Red Beans & Rice
Seasonal Vegetables

Escovitch Pickerel
Baked w/ Turmeric Spice Blend
Pickled Vegetables, Bells Peppers, Onions
Squash, Plantain Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Thing Roasted Pork Loin
Combination of Sweet & Spicy seasoning
Cooked Tender w/Candy Crust
Roasted Corn, Seasonal Vegetables
Corn Meal Grits, Hash

Specialty Desserts

Mango Sundaes – Vanilla Ice Cream, Mango Sauce, Pink Peppercorns
Coconut Milk Crème Brule- Toasted Coconut and Rum Soaked Raisins
Banana Fritter Cakes – Syrup and Whipped Cream


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