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Frantoio Olive Oil

Prelibato Organic

Our extra virgin olive oil is the most “Prelibato” - delicious, with a very low acidity reflecting all the goodness of the best Calabrian olives, cultivated and processed by the book, just like tradition demands. Olive varieties used to obtain this oil include Carolea, Coratina, and Roggianella. This extra virgin olive oil works well raw or cooked, and can be used as a condiment for any dish.

Prelibato Organic, 500 ml

500 ml: $25.00

Prelibato Organic 750ml

750ml: $35.00

Prelibato Organic: 3L

3L: $99.00

Frantoio il Gustoso


3L: $82.00


This basil flavoured oil by Fratelli Pugliese is obtained by the joint pressing of olives and the best leaves of very sweet, fresh basil - a delicate dressing that will enrich your dishes. This extra virgin olive oil works well raw or cooked, and can be used as a condiment on pizza, sauces, soups, first courses or simply on bruschetta.


250ml: $25.00


This pepper infused olive oil is obtained from the joint pressing of olives and tantalizing Calabrian peppers. It is a monovarietal olive oil extracted completely from the Carolea cultivar. This infused extra virgin olive oil works well as a tasty seasoning to accompany dishes such as vegetable soups, grilled meat, pizza, bruschetta and any first course.


250ml: $20.00

Marina Palusci Olive Oil



500ml: $33.00


Described by its light fruity aroma and extremely floral notes of yellow and red flowers, chamomile, wisteria, ripe almond, and aromatic herbs, it closes with a slight hint of ripe tomato. Golden yellow color with greenish reflections.

In the mouth it offers a slightly bitter and spicy taste that complements the floral sense of smell, resulting in a delicate and harmonious flavor. Perfect for seasoning all delicate dishes, especially those of seafood cuisine.


500ml: $46.00


Rinascimento’s blend of noble cocoa tannin and herbal, bitter, and spicy notes creates strong and recognizable contrasts, yet perfectly balance each other, resulting in a harmonious taste that lingers on the palate.


500ml: $44.00


Described by its fruity medium notes of artichoke, and aromatic herbs. In the mouth, it is clear, medium intense, surprisingly harmonious and balanced. Ideal for cooking and seasoning all dishes, the Blend decrees its exceptional versatility. Golden yellow with greenish reflections.


500ml: $60.00



500ml: $41.00

Acetaia Malpighi


The very best of the balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP line. Made with the grape must of the family vineyard and 10% wine vinegar aged in oak wooden barrels.

Plantinum (w/box), Aged 20 yrs

250ml: $45.00


Delivers a round and intense flavor, balanced sourness, and high density

Gold (w/box) Aged 15 yrs

250ml: $25.00


Characterized as pungent but well-balanced, classic and intense with a clear appearance and dark brown color.

Silver Aged 8 yrs

250ml: $23.00


Characterized by its clear appearance, dark brown color, and pungent, round fragrance.

Bronzo Aged 6 yrs

250ml: $18.00


Obtained from the cooked must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, aged for at least 6 years in refined Durmast barrels. Soft, full-bodied and very versatile in cooking.

Saporoso (w/box)

200ml: $47.00

Acino Biano

A white dressing obtained from the best Modenese Trebbiano grapes, the must of which ages for at least 5 years in Ash wood barrels. Delivers a sweet and sour, soft and harmonious flavor, delicate fragrance and low sourness.

Acino Biano (w/box)

50ml: $17.00


Obtained from the cooked grape must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes and aged at least 8 years in oak barrels. Soft, full-bodied and suitable across a variety of dishes.

1850 (w/box)

50ml: $20.00

Rose Dressing

A dressing based on must from Modenese Trebbiano and Ancellotta grapes, cultivated in the family vines, and combined with rose essence taken from the plants in our Farm “Tenuta del Cigno”. Fresh and fruity with a well-balanced aroma of rose. Pairs beautifully drizzled over fish and vegetables.

Rose Dressing

200ml: $40.00


Obtained from a selection of organically cultivated grapes and organic wine vinegar, then matured in a refined wooden vat that gives a strong and full-bodied flavour. Certified organic.


500ml: $19.00

Orange Condiment

100ml: $16.00

BBQ Sauce

This BBQ sauce is an innovative and tasty barbeque sauce enriched with balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP. It is produced with the use of Modenese grapes from the Malpighi estate. This prized must is the base and essence of the BBQ sauce from Acetaia Malpighi. A full-bodied consistency and a smoked taste with a sweet and sour finish make the sauce versatile and ideal for unique hamburgers and sandwiches. Excellent for glazing white and red meats, it releases an aromatic and intense flavor that conquers and delights the palate.

BBQ Sauce

500ml: $16.00


Hazelnut Spread

Made with over 40% hazelnuts and the finest Italian ingredients. The rich hazelnut flavor and smooth texture make it a sweet and savoury treat that you won’t be able to resist.

Hazelnut Spread

200g: $20.00

Dark Chocolate Spread

Made with pure cocoa and the finest Italian ingredients. The rich chocolate flavor and smooth texture make it a decadent treat.

Dark Chocolate Spread

200g: $13.00

White Chocolate Spread

Indulge in the creamy, rich flavor of our Pasticceria 2 Esse White Chocolate spread. The smooth texture and delicate white chocolate flavor make it a deliciously authentic Italian treat.

White Chocolate Spread

200g: $13.00

Pistacchio Spread

Introduce your taste buds to the irresistible flavor of our Pasticceria 2 Esse Pistachio spread. The rich and creamy pistachio flavor is balanced with a hint of sweetness, making it a perfect indulgence for any time of day. Made with 40% pistacchio.

Pistacchio Spread

200g: $25.00

Tozzetti Biscuits

Experience the traditional taste of Italy with our Pasticceria 2 Esse Biscuits. The crisp texture and delicate flavor make it the perfect accompaniment to your morning espresso or as a snack during any time of the day. Infused with the flavors of almond, orange peel and raisin.

Tozzetti Biscuits

1/2 kg: $18.00

Chocolate Biscuits

Savor the rich, decadent flavor of our traditional Italian chocolate biscuit. Handmade with fine ingredients, the crisp texture and rich chocolate flavor make these chocolate biscuits the perfect accompaniment to your morning espresso.

Chocolate Biscuits

1/2 kg: $17.00


White & Black Truffle Olive Oil

The cold pressing of the olives preserves the genuine flavor of the product and enhances all the precious principles contained in the raw material. The unique taste of extra virgin olive oil blends with the intense truffle flavour, creating the perfect combination of taste: ideal for meat, fish, risottos and gourmet dishes.

White Truffle Olive Oil

250 ml: $24.00

Black Truffle Olive Oil

250ml: $24.00

White Truffle Olive Oil with Slice

The perfect balance between the unmistakable aroma of the truffle and the flavor of the olive. In olive oil, in particular, the two flavors embrace and balance each other, creating a balanced marriage of flavors. The addition of the truffle slice adds a component of elegance and uniqueness to the product.

White Truffle Olive Oil with Slice

250 ml: $30.00

White Wine Vinegar with Winter Truffle

Ideal for salads, carpaccios and tartare; this white wine vinegar with winter truffle is the perfect dressing to step up your game in the kitchen.

White Wine Vinegar with Winter Truffle

100 ml: $40.00

White Truffle Crisps

An explosion of saltiness and truffle flavour that will make your taste buds jump out of joy. The perfect crispy snack to liven up every occasion. Ideal for your fancy aperitivos. Warning: irresistibly truffley

White Truffle Crisps (Chips)

50g: $6.00

Salt and Three Truffles Grinder

The simplicity of salt together with the more articulated taste of summer truffle. A product ready and easy to use in order to give a twist to your favorite dishes.

Salt and Three Truffles Grinder

180g: $30.00

Truffle Perle

Versatile, tasty, and ready to use. The precious black truffle spheres (Tuber melanosporum) are perfect on both warm and cold dishes. Characterized by elegance, the spherical shape of these small pearls will help you find a different approach to your dishes.

The Truffle pearls are made from the black winter truffle juice, which is obtained directly from the cooking of the fresh truffle. Perfect for warm and cold dishes. Wonderful on bread, meat or fish.

Truffle Perle

50g: $45.00

Truffle Dust

A fine textured truffle powder to give your dishes a touch of luxury. A light and savory seasoning infused with the highest percentage of white and black truffles. Well suitable for every type of food: from rice to pasta, from meat to fish, from eggs to vegetables. Extremely easy to use! Just add it at the end to finish off your favorite dish for an amazing and flavorsome culinary experience!

Truffle Dust

1.5 g (6 pieces): $18.00

Honey and Truffle

The sweetness of raw honey is enriched by the taste of Black Summer Truffle slices, creating the perfect luxurious topping for your cheeseplatter, pastries and gelatos. Pure gold to be served at the table.

Honey and Truffle

120g: $13.50

Black Pepper and Truffle

80g: $25.50

Black Cream

A ready-to-use sauce, perfect for hors d’oeuvres, first and second courses. The combination of summer truffle, porcini mushrooms and champignons is the ultimate combination. The addition of anchovies in the sauce will introduce that extra kick to your creations.

Black Cream

500g: $40.00



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